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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poultry Workshop is ON

I am doing a workshop at the OEFFA Conference Saturday March 3rd on raising chickens on pasture for meat. In a past post I wrote about the possibility of doing a workshop than in the comment of that post I said I was doing the workshop than I contradicted that and said the workshop was off because OEFFA did not want to give both Eugene and me free admission to the conference. this meant we would have to pay the price of one admission for the two of us to go do the workshop. You might ask why not just have one of you go and they other stay home and be bored. Simply because we both want to go and we both enjoy doing workshops together

All that has now changed and the workshop is ON.

Yesterday, around noon Carol Goland, the president of OEFFA , called me up to see what she could do to get us to reconsider doing this workshop. We spoke for only a few minutes and she immediately offered up two free admissions to the conference if we would do the workshop. Since that's all I wanted, I listened to her stroke my ego and than said we found her new conditions quite acceptable and yes we would do the workshop.

If you ever wanted to meet me and also want to learn much of what I know about day ranging chickens go to the OEFFA website and sign up for the conference and go to my workshop which, I believe, will be on Saturday March 3rd. I do good workshop, the old fashioned way with no power point or other bells and whistles. And the conference as a whole is a great experience. Imagine being in a building with hundreds of people all into organic/local food and farming. It's a heady experience

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