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Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day

It's groundhog day and that means the whistlepigs around the united states will be prognosticating whether or not we will have a long or short winter. Okay Winter ends Mar 21st in the northern hemisphere no matter what as that is the equinox and no rodent will change that no matter how bright or dim the light when they appear from their lairs this morning.

Punxsutawany Phil is the whistle pig most people rely on for their winter forecast but it turns out most areas of the country have their own woodchuck forecasters. Here in Ohio it is Buckeye Chuck (awful similar to the wine-Two Buck Chuck...), The Dayton area has its' own whistle pig, Ivy, who will deliver her long term forecast at 10am this morning.

Since it is cloudy with a threat for snow I am guessing our local groundhogs will Not see their shadow and we will have an early spring (likely enhanced by both global warming and a persistent el Nino)

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