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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Yesterday I started on planting onions. We are doing many kinds of onions-yellow cooking, yellow sweet heirlooms and a couple of kinds of red.

Lauren was back to help and together we raked two beds to get the weeds out and the soil in some other form than big dirt clods. After an hour or two of raking we were ready to put in the Copra onions.

I love Copra onions. They are a wonderful storage onion (I am still using last year's onions, though they are going fast) and have a great flavor too often lacking in yellow cooking onions. The bad news is Copra is a hybrid that was bred by the Seminis Corp which was bought up by Monsanto so after this year we will not be growing Copra any longer. We are trialing another yellow onion called varsity that is also a hybrid but not associated with Monsanto. There is also an open pollinated Copra called Clear Dawn that I will likely trial next year if I do not like Varsity or Varsity gets bought up by Monsanto.

Any Hoo, by sunset I had put about 1000 onion seedlings in the ground. Just have another 5 to 6 thousand to go.

Who knew onions could be so political?

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Chandira said...

I realize how far behind I am with my gardening plans this year..
OK, on with the onions.. :-)