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Friday, June 29, 2007

Ding Dong The Fridge is Dead

Eugene found the 30 year old fridge in the house (NOT to be confused with the 3 door commercial fridge) DOA yesterday at lunch. It had been acting funky for about 2 months. Doing things like flooding the bottom shelf with water, cutting off in the night and souring the milk, etc.. So we have known for a while that sooner than later it was gonna die. We even tried to get the fridge sitting in Eugene's mother's house which is for sale but apparently it is written into the selling contract that the fridge stays with the house.

So at lunch the unit finally gives up the ghost. Okay it was several hours before lunch possibly 12 hours before lunch as all the items in the freezer were pretty much thawed. So I tossed all the half thawed freezer items into one of our chest freezers and grabbed a cooler and an ice pack from the store and put all the highly perishables like milk, cream, etc., in that, ate lunch than took the stuff in the cooler out to the 3 door commercial fridge. Lucky we have such a nice fridge that really should not have household items in it but I would consider this a bit of an emergency so for the next 48 hours or so it will be cooling our food and produce for market.

After I closed the farm sore up for the evening at 7pm (really 6:30 because it was raining and I figured we were not going to get anyone else coming in to buy produce or pastured poultry) we drove into Richmond to HH Gregg's and bought a new fridge. For years I have wanted a home fridge that had no freezer box with it. I have 2 chest freezers and do not need the small freezer unit. I have long thought the tiny freezers associated with most home fridge units were stupid-too small for much of anything but ice and the freezer is often the cause of a home fridge breaking down. Working in a lot of commercial kitchens over the years I have noted that commercial fridges never have freezers tacked on to them. Freezers are always separate units and I have wondered for years why they do not make a home fridge that has no freezer.

Guess what, Frigidaire does. While discussing our refrigeration options with Jeff at HH Gregg's-we wanted something fairly cheap, under $500, but nothing less than 18.2 cubic feet of space (this includes freezer space) we noticed a fridge that did not have a freezer door. It also did not have a price so we asked Jeff to find out what it cost ($549). Jeff said since everything was on sale this week it was marked down to $469 and change. Eugene asked if he could give us a beer deal on he uni and we got he price down to $439 and I now own a fridge with no freezer-Woo Hoo!

We can pick it up today if we have time. Since tomorrow is a market day we will likely be busy harvesting most of the day. Than again, there really isn't all that much to harvest as we are in our early summer lull. We are done with most of the spring crops like lettuce and the labor intensive beans, tomatoes, peppers, melons, onions, garlic, etc., have not started to come in yet. And it's raining.

At any rate, sometime before Sunday we will have a brand new freezerless fridge in the house and I am quite excited!

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Maine Outdoor Writer said...

I had no idea there were home fridges without freezers. It's about time! Now I wish I needed a new fridge. I have a Frigidaire too, and since it's only two years old it's unlikely I get to have a new one soon.

Strawberries - just starting this week here.