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Friday, June 29, 2007

Keep NAIS Out of he 2007 Farm Bill

Tell Congress To Keep National Animal Identification Out of Farm Bill

The industrial agriculture companies have been pushing for a National Animal Identification System (NAIS) for several years. The proposed NAIS program would require every person who owns even one livestock animal, right down to a single chicken or a pet horse, to register their property with the federal government, identify each animal (in most cases with microchips or other electronic identification), and report their movements to a database. This program would impose particularly heavy burdens on sustainable farmers raising animals on pasture because of the labor and costs. As a result, it would reduce the availability of organic and grass-fed products, and raise prices.

Because of the grassroots opposition, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has limited NAIS to a voluntary program at the federal level (although some states have been more aggressive). But now the House Committee on Agriculture is considering a provision in the massive 2007 Farm Bill that would implement NAIS as part of the Country of Origin Labeling. The House Committee on Agriculture will vote on the bill July 12, so time is of the essence. Please contact them immediately, and tell them you want them to strip Section 121 from the Farm Bill and NOT to include NAIS! The Senate Committee on Agriculture will start working on its version of Farm Bill shortly as well, so we need to send them the same message.

(Scroll to bottom of this page to send letter to Congress)

Please also leave a short message for the following lawmakers if you are from their state. Your message can be as simple as "Say 'No' to NAIS and 'Yes' to COOL".

Blanche Lincoln (AR), (p) 202-224-4843, (f) 202-228-1371 Ken Salazar (CO), (p) 202-224-5852, (f) 202-228-5036 Saxby Chambliss (GA), (p) 202-224-3521, (f) 202-224-0103 Mike Crapo (ID), (p) 202-224-6142, (f) 202-228-1375 Tom Harkin (IA), (p) 202-224-3254, (f) 202-224-9369 Charles Grassley (IA), (p) 202-224-3744, (f) 515-288-5097 Richard Lugar (IN), (p) 202-224-4814, (f) 202-228-0360 Pat Roberts (KS), (p) 202-224-4774, (f) 202-224-3514 Mitch McConnell (KY), (p) 202-224-2541, (f) 202-224-2499 Debbie Stabenow (MI), (p) 202-224-4822 Norm Coleman (MN), (p) 202-224-5641, (f) 202-224-1152 Amy Klobuchar (MN), (p) 202-224-3244 Thad Cochran (MS), (p) 202-224-5054 Max Baucus (MT), (p) 202-224-2651, (f) 202-224-0515 E. Banjamin Nelson (NE), (p) 202-224-6551, (f) 202-228-0012 Kent Conrad (ND), (p) 202-224-2043, (f) 202-224-7776 Sherrod Brown (OH), (p): 202-224-2315, (f) 202-228-6321 Robert Casey, Jr. (PA), (p): 202-224-6324, (f) 202-228-0604 Lindsey Graham (SC), (p) 202-224-5972 John Thune (SD), (p) 202-224-2321, (f) 202-228-5429 Patrick Leahy (VT), (p) 202-224-4242

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