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Monday, July 16, 2007

Death is Near

Got Navin back from the vet and it was not good news. Seems he has a huge tumor pressing down on his trachea and it is growing. Since I did not order a biopsy Dr Koester cannot say for sure it is cancer but off he record he says it is more than likely cancer. I saw the x-ray and what ever it is it is big-takes up about a third of his body and it seems to be growing aggressively.

I could spend many thousands of dollars, I do not have, to take the cat to Ohio Sate and see if they can operate for at best, an additional month or two more of life for the cat but it would be a bad life of pain and drugs. Since we all have to face death I have decided to let him live out his life here at home. When he gets too uncomfortable Eugene and I will take him back to the vet one last time and have him euthanized (unless he decides to die in the night a home). Than we will take him back home and bury him, plant a tree over him and drink some home brews in his honor.

I am worried about Arlo who is terribly close to Navin and has been since we got the dog. Arlo does seem to realize something is really wrong but I don't hink he realizes Navin is dying and won't until Navin finally kicks the bucket. Than we will have depressed humans and a very depressed dog who not a spring chicken any longer.

It's not helping matters any that we are killing all the meat chickens on the farm (48 or them) which gets all the dogs depressed for a few days because they lose their main job and reason for being

Navin has been a good friend and I will deeply miss him when he goes but for now he is still alive and kicking and I do get to say good bye


Gina said...

So sorry to hear about Navin. {{hugs}}

casey said...

Sorry to hear about Navin. It is always sad to let a pet go, but it sounds like you are doing the right thing.