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Monday, July 23, 2007


We have the best onion crop we have ever grown. Lots of nice 3/4 pound yellow onions. I believe we have around 2400 yellow onions. 3 kinds IIRC. We grew 3 kinds Copra which is a favorite of mine, excellent flavor and storage ability, Prince which we grew last year and stored quite well and Varsity which is new but producing some very nice onions that cook well. We will be dropping Copra after this year (unless I find a bunch of tiny onions I can use for sets for next year) because they have become a Monsanto holding and I will not buy seed from any company associated with Monsanto

We also have a buttload of red onions. One is a hybrid called Mercury which is a nice red onion. The other is an heirloom called Red Weathersfield that is dark purple, almost black, and flat. The taste is excellent-nice and sweet- but the onion does cause a lot of tearing action when cut. And we have Redwing which seems similar to Mercury. The next thing is the get all the onions harvested and cured and than see how well they store over winter.

One thing I know is dry weather is good for onions and we will have a good crop to sell for the rest of the summer/fall markets and at our winter markets

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coles said...

How about a quick primer lesson on prepping onions for storage? I grew a huge sweet onion this year, first time I have ever tried onions. Good crop, gonna need to store them to enjoy over the winter.