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Sunday, August 19, 2007

It Is So Dry...

As I have written before, we are in a severe drought.

It is so dry the grass is crunchy under foot and Eugene has not mowed the grass in 6+ weeks.

It is so dry that some trees appear to be dead and other trees are already turning color and dropping their leaves.

It is so dry that we lost half of our sweet corn because the hickory and oak trees that line the northern boarder of our property robbed the corn plants of water, despite there being drip irrigation on them. The same thing is beginning to happen to the day neutral strawberries. So far the raspberries, tomatoes, peppers and basil that are in beds that abut the tree line are not showing water stress but it would not surprise me to find them all in dire straits in a week or so.

It is so dry no one has had to hoe in about 3 weeks, very few weeds to hoe. The few that are there are so stressed that they pull easily.

It is so dry that if we do not either hand water or have irrigation tape on our plants they are dead

It is so dry that it is getting scary

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