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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It is So Wet

Wow, within 24 hours of writing the "It's So Dry..." post we got over 2 inches of rain (2.2" to be percise). This will help things out immensely. The last time we got over 2 inches of rain was back in April

Starting around 3pm we got hours and hours of heavy (but not too heavy), steady rain. This gave us time to harvest all the tomatoes that were either ripe or showing some color. Had we left them on the vines we would have had around 20 bushels of garbage and none to sell. You see, rain, especially after a long dry period, will cause full sized maters to crack badly. Thus making them unsellable. So Eugene and I spent hours harvesting maters as well as strawberries, okra and melons (which will do the same thing as tomatoes when exposed to copious amounts of rain).

The rain has stopped for now but is supposed to return this afternoon. If it does we may not go to the Tuesday Market which will be a bummer because we have a lot of stuff that needs to be sold. I guess I can always open up the store and sell a few hings there.


Shari Thomas said...


Thanks so much for the tip on harvesting the maters before they get much rain.

My roommate works for a guy who's kind of in the same position you were several years ago... just getting started, farm in the middle of nowhere (not a paved road within 20 miles), and no real knowledge of what's he's doing.

He's got a vision of what he wants... and my roommate is doing her best to help him get there. She's a "city girl"... so I'll make sure she gets well educated here at the Boulder Belt Blog.

Oh, she's originally from Put-In-Bay, OH and now lives in Beryl, UT. From living on an island with no sand, to a desert with no water.

Shari Thomas
Beryl, UT

Chandira said...

Ah, so that's what made all my tomatoes crack?? Interesting.

Melons?? I planted mine next to my zucchini, and they disappeared under the massive zucchini leaves. I learnt a lot about gardening this year. ;-)

OhioMom said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I live in the city (NE Ohio) and buy locally grown at the Farmers Markets in my area. I have a true appreciation for the small family farmer. I have just started a cooking blog with emphasis on seasonal, locally grown foods.

winedeb said...

Hey Lucy, thanks for stopping at my blog. You were correct. I was not at the market a week ago Sat. as I was heading home to the Keys. I miss your veggies tremendously and wish there was some way to get them here. Oh well, I have next Spring to look forward to. Good luck with the rest of the season and I will be in touch thru our blogs!