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Thursday, August 30, 2007

We Will Be on TV-WHIO 7

We got interviewed by Channel 7 (WHIO) this afternoon about local foods. There is yet another spinach recall and Kimberly Thomson came out with a camera woman (I don't remember her name but enjoyed her presence almost as much as the dogs did) and interviewed us about why local food is safer and if the industrial food system can even be made safe. They took a lot of footage of the garden, us talking to Kimberly and other stuff. It was interesting and fun.

First time we have been on TeeVee. Been in several magazines this year and have had a lot of newspaper interviews in the past and now we have television under our belt.

You can catch us tonight Aug 30 2007 between 5pm and 6pm. They said most likely we will be on during the 5:30 broadcast. You should be able to find webcast at sometime tonight.

The process was pretty simple. They drove up in the big van with the antenna on it and the editing room inside. The camera woman put a mic on Eugene and than she started shooting video of the front of our store. She had us walk in the store and turn around and than shot some inside shots of the produce. Than we walked out to the garden where we were met by the dogs, Nate, Arlo and Danny. They thought the idea of two strangers coming to visit was GREAT and could barely contain themselves.

In the garden Kimberly interveiewed us on camera about our thoughts on local foods. If we thought they are safer than industrial food (yes). If local foods are getting more popular (a big yes). If people are nervous about industrial foods (I'd say so). Than many shots were taken of the produce and compost piles. Eugene walked around helping with that while I talked abit more with Kimberly about problems with our food system.

After that we left the garden and they set up the opening shot for the piece in front of the store by our signage and the flowers out front.

I am looking forward to seeing this this evening.

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