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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A New Computer

I got my new iMac today and it not a moment too soon as my old iMac died Monday Morning. This means I have lost pretty much all of my email addresses so if you are reading this and were on any of my email lists or for some other reason got email from (you might be friend or relative) please send me an email to (chnage the AT to an @) so I can capture your email address and reclaim the 500 or so addresses I had as of this past Monday.

I also have lost a lot of marketing stuff that I intended to back up on CeeDee. I have the basic stuff on CD so I should be up and running with brouchures, labels and the like in a couple of weeks. Maybe by than I will have a working printer as well. I have a lot of tech issues the past 6 weeks or so and soon they will all be fixed with upgrades/new equipment.

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