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Sunday, October 21, 2007

And Home Again

Going home we took I-75 south to Detroit. on our way out we stopped at Jay's in Standish so I could buy some Pinconning Cheese. I love the stuff. It's a local cheddar that is my favorite cheese. I also got some Michigan maple syrup.

After shopping we got back on the highway and sped south towards Sterling heights. The trip was uneventful other than seeing a bald eagle. Soon enough we were dropping Scott off. Eugene took over driving from Sterling heights to Eaton. Maggie sat in the back and napped for much of the rest of the trip (well, really she slept for an hour). Eugene and I talked about what we were seeing out the windows (lots of industry and urban sprawl). We made good time and quickly we were through Detroit and Toledo and going by the giant Mosque where US 23 and I-75 either come together or separate depending on the direction your are travelling. Near Wapakoneta we got off the superhighway and onto US 33 going west towards Celina and US 127. finally got back on US 127 and headed south towards home. In North Star we stopped at an ice cream place that boasted 24 flavors of soft serve. I got soup and a creamsicle shake. I would give the food a "C-" but it was dinner.

Soon we were in Preble County and home. When we drove in we noticed the lights on and the front door open. What the fuck?!? Wyatt was not supposed to be there so we kind of assumed the worse. Fortunately the worse did not happen. Wyatt's truck had decided to give up the ghost while he was driving home on US 35 through Eaton. He walked a couple of miles back to our place, mowed the grass and vacuumed the house while waiting for us to get back. Way cool. He helped us to unpack the car than the boys went into town for beer.

While they were gone Maggie and I unpacked and put away the China. My parental units have been threatening for years to send me home with this. The China was my grandmother's and when she sold her stuff in Ionia it was kept back for me. It is Spode, old and beautiful and now I have full service for 6 and partial service for 8. I am ready for Thanksgiving or any other somewhat formal get together that involves putting leaves in the dinning room table. After dealing with the China we sat down at the computer and I downloaded all the photos and video I took of the trip and we looked the stuff. Than Maggie went to bed and I sat out on the deck and drank a beer and had a smoke with the boys before retiring.

It was good to be home.

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