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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Up North for 36 Hours

Our one full day at my Dad's began with a walk to the beach with Eugene than coffee and breakfast. Than another walk up the beach with Dad and Maggie. On this walk we bumped into Judy Kane and sat and talked with her for maybe 15-20 minutes. It was nice to see one of the Kanes. Would not be a proper visit without that. We have been neighbors of the Kanes for decades.

After sitting and talking with Judy we continued on our walk to the point and before long Dad suggested we do not walk to the point but rather go into the woods. So we did.
We took a public access road out to the main road, crossed the street and went into the woods via the tennis courts. I love walking in the woods behind the cottage. They are some very nice woods, full of oaks, boletus mushrooms, blueberries, turkeys, etc.. Simply a cornucopia of wildlife. For years and years the woods was abused by all sorts of people but over time many have realized what a resource they have in the woods and now for some time the woods have been protected by the people of the Point Lookout.

So the 4 of us took a walk in the woods and saw a couple of blue jays, some sort of woodpecker, black capped chickadees. lots of moss, oak trees, red pines, sand, various vegetation of the understory, etc., etc..

After a while we meandered back to the cottage and saw that Scott had shown up but without Speranza. She had decided to go back to Sterling Heights. Okay. It was lunch time so lamb sandwiches were made and consumed and soon enough it was time to get in the car and go to Standish to attend a dulcimer concert in which Rebecca was participating. I took one picture of the concert, it sucks so will not be posted.

Around 20 people played in the concert. Mainly bluegrass/mountain tunes/gospel. Rebecca sang at least 4 songs. The event was well attended I thought and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I did. Eugene bought several selections from the bake sale. Some sort of toffee bar concoction, peanut butter cookies and popcorn. I entered a quilt raffle but did not win.

Concert ended, we got in the car and went home via Jay's Farm Market. Eugene and I looked at the pumpkins and apples and were amazed at the low prices. About half what they are around here. I guess because Michigan got a lot more rain and did not lose their fruit crops this spring. That, and the fact Michigan seems to be in a depression economically.

Got home and dinner making ensued. Dad made us all "Chicken Guillaume" a dish I created when I ran the Alexander House Kitchen back in the early 1990's. It's a boneless chicken breast sauteed than topped with pesto and mozzarella cheese and put under broiler for a couple of minutes. Dinner was good, and unlike the night before, I was able to stay up past 8:30pm and did. Maggie, Rebecca and I sat at the dinner table and talked about life, religion, current events, family until almost 10pm when Scott joined us. It was good. At midnight we all went to bed in order to not be exhausted for the drive back to Ohio the next day.

The next following morning we got coffeed up. Did the last beach walk, ate breakfast, talked and around 11am began to make serious moves towards the rental car and the trip home.

The good byes took a while but were not particularly sad. After a couple of pictures of the Owsley's was shot by Eugene we finally got ourselves into the car and headed south.

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