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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Adventures on eBay

Our new (to us) coolers

A few weeks ago I was surfing eBay and decided to see if any commercial refrigeration was for sale at a price I could afford and within driving distance. And there were two, count them two, glass front commercial coolers in Shelbyville, Indiana for sale with a bid well under $300. So I put in a bid and was out bid and did this over and over again until I hit $500. That was not immediately topped but eventually it was and I did not know this until I had about 3 minutes left to bid. I tried to put in a bid but my dial up connection was too slow and I lost out. Bummer.

Than yesterday I was looking at my emails and there is one from eBay saying the winning bidder could not pay for the fridges and they could be mine for $500. Realise to buy these fridges from any other source would mean paying around $1200 for each (probably more). If they were new we would be talking $3500 or more each.

And now they are. Just have to borrow a truck in the next few weeks and get over there to get them. I am so excited!

We really need a glass front cooler for the store and we have been chronically in need for extra fridge space in August and September and now we have all we should need.


Robin said...

eBay! Good idea. I'm looking for coolers like this too. Good buy!

Dover said...

Score! Ain't eBay great! We were shopping for a commercial fridge for our BBQ concession trailer last spring and saw "The Peanut King" all over eBay. We live about 30 mi. away so we went. BEWARE!! Look closely at those photos,folks. Lots of em are outside-cuz that's where they keep em!! Yup, like a restaurant supply junkyard. They do have stuff inside too, but buyer beware.
And sorry about your Dad, Lucy.

Lucy said...

I have been assured these fridges have been stored inside and work (at least the compressors and fans came on, he made no claim that they cool because he did not leave them on long enough). And even if the compressors are bad it would cost under $1500 to replace both and I am still saving money over buying from the local commercial fridge junk yards (Dayton has at least 3 I know of).

Yeah, Yeah, Buyer beware.

I still think I got a decent deal here. I know these fridges can stay outside over winter as I did that to the commercial fridge we already have. That was outside for 6 years and never quit working for us (we did shut it down for winter). Though I am happy it gets to live indoors now.

Of course I won't know until I see the units if they are worth it But from looking at the photos they do have a bit of cosmetic damage and are dirty but other than that look good and are said to work.

Of course I am not looking forward to moving the things but at least they are shorter than our 3 door (which was nightmarish to move 3 of the 4 times we have moved it) so should fit into a UHaul van

Tim said...

Great find...I hope it works out!

FYI, if you're going to be doing much on eBay, I suggest using a bidding service. I've used phantombidder for years with great results.

Here's how it works: find the item you want, determine the MAXIMUM amount you'd be willing to pay, enter that bid and tell phantom bidder when to place the last bid. I place my last bid 10 seconds before the auction ends.

Let's say I enter a maximum bid of $500 for an item that is currently at $300. What happens is that others may bid the price up as the auction progresses, but as long as they don't reach my top bid then phantombidder places NO bid for me. It just waits. If someone does exceed my bid, it sends me an email notifying me and giving me a chance to increase.

Now, let's say the bid is at $400 with under a minute to go. At 10 seconds, my bid of $500 would be entered, but ONLY if that much is required to win the auction. Phantombidder will enter the minimum amount necessary to win, for example, if we can win with a $402 bid, that's what it will enter. But usually others bid up items in the last minute so I let phantombidder figure out the right bid.

I hope this helps...good luck to you in 2008.

Nature's Harmony Farm

coles said...

Great buy -- I'm sure you are savy enough but maybe some of the other folks don't know this: make sure that follow-up e-mail was really from EBAY and not some scammer. In this case, you will be traveling to pick up the coolers and paying cash at that time, right? If they want the money ahead of time be suspicious!

Lucy -- didn't know any other way to contact you so I'll do it here -- I know you are a self-proclaimed forum junkie. Check out Seed Savers new forum, you can access it via their main website.


Gina said...

Wow! great score-coolers will be nice for the farm store.

Liz Pike said...

Kewl deal on your coolers, Lucy...that's what we're after too! Off to check ebay..