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Monday, January 21, 2008

Learn Thru Reading

I listed a bunch of new titles you can buy from Amazon. I have read only one of these books but that does not mean they are not worth reading

This list has several anti GMO food titles including Jeffrey Smith's Seeds of Deception which is a critical look at the GMO industry and how they have introduced new food crops to the world and have engaged us all in huge uncontrolled feeding study. This is bundled with another title by Mr Smith, The GMO Trilogy. I have not read this so have little to say about it.

Next we have GMO Free by Mae Ho Wan who is a scientists (geneticist, I believe) who has done a lot of research that has led her to question the use of GMO crops. I have not read this book but have read several of her abstracts and papers and she does do her homework

Everything I want to do is Illegal by Joel Salatin is not about GMO's but rather about all the state and federal government regulations that have been instated (and geared towards the one size fits all industrial mega farms) that is making it very hard for us small diversified farmers to keep on farming. This is another book I have not read but in Acres USA they had a long interview with Mr Salatin about this book and the government's attempts to shut Joel down. If you want to learn more about the hoops we farmers are told to jump through just so we can stay in the business of farming read this book

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic by Cindy Burke. Boulder Belt is one of the Farms profiled in this book. It is a nicely done overview on the pros and cons of buying organic. There are a ton of helpful charts and diagrams in the book as well as many well written farm profiles. If you are just getting into organic food buying and eating you really should add this to your library.

Finally we have Jane Goodall's Harvest for Hope, another one of those books I have not read but should, it got great reviews

Every book you buy from this list contributes to this blog and Boulder Belt Eco-Farm

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