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Monday, January 21, 2008

SSE: Where Boulder Belt Stands

I was looking at my Google Ad-sense stats and noticed that the past couple of days have seen a rather large increase in traffic to this blog (but sadly no increase in click on the ad sense ads, c'est la vie). This got me to check out the website where my blog stats are logged and I found that over 110 people came to this blog because of the Post I have on the upset at Seed Savers Exchange. This is THE STORY of the year for us green thumb folks, it seems. It certainly is a dramatic story no matter which side you are on.

Now what side is Boulder Belt on? neither at the moment. It is simply too soon to be able to tell what is going on. Right now SSE is saying as little as possible. Just about every gardening forum and email list has some sort of conversation going on about this and there is a lot of emotion and conjecture being tossed around with very few facts. Lots of people are boycotting both SSE and Johnny's Selected Seeds (Rob Johnston, founder of JSS, is on the SSE Board of directors). I am not boycotting either. I just sent in a $300 order to Johnny's for seeds and plants. They are about the best in the business and I see no reason to withhold my business from them just because Rob is sitting on the SSE board and was involved in Kent Whealy's termination (which may or may not have been justified). I intend on putting in a much smaller order to SSE in a week or so. I want to buy nipple fruit seeds from them and there is likely a few rare heirloom veggies I will decide I cannot live without.

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