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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Freecycle for those who do not know is a web/email based system for people to use to get rid of things they do not need or find things they do need all the while keeping useful objects out of the landfill. You will find offers for about anything on Freecycle and requests to match.

I have been subscribed to 3 local lists (Preble County, Oxford, Richmond, IN) for several years but rarely make use of Freecycle. but this week I did. On Monday I gave away a sewing machine to a woman who lives near the old farm who will be making lab robes for military veterans along with clothes for her new Grandbaby who was threatening to enter the world while she picked up the sewing machine. So an object that was simply gathering dust in the store is now been given a good home.

Tuesday Stewie, a black and white domestic short hair cat, from Hamilton came to live with us. Since Navin died I have slowly realizing I need another cat. Trina is a great cat and getting better all the time but she does not like to be held and is pretty useless for hunting since she was declawed by her former people. So when a plea came over the Freecycle list that Stewie needed a home I replied after thinking about it for a week.

I would like to say Stewie is a great cat (he is very handsome) but ever since he got here he has freaked out and has been in hiding. He did eat all the cat food put out for both of them over night so we know his appetite is good. Trina is pretty freaked herself over the new cat. The dogs do not seem to realize there is another animal in the house. That, or they just don't care.

So That is my FreeCycle adventure for this week. If you want to live a greener life (and this is Earthweek after all, a great time to start one's journey down a green road) click on the link in the title of this post and that will take you to the main FreeCycle site where you can find a group or 5 in your area and start reducing, reusing and recycling.

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valereee said...

I Freecycle! In fact, I'm the moderator of the CinciEast Freecycle board which covers most of the eastern half of Hamilton county.

The last things I freecycled were a couple of girl scout manuals and some decorative items my daughter had outgrown. The last things I received were some SLR film cameras for my son's school's photography department -- the teachers run a loaner program, and I collect older cameras for it.