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Thursday, April 17, 2008


and Stewie and me at 5am this morning

After 26 hours of hiding out under the bed in the computer room/guest room Stewie decided he had had enough isolation last night and came out from under the bed and decided Eugene and me were okay sat on us all evening while we watched a show about breaking the Maya code on PBS. I think Stewie will become a great cat, he's already quite nice.

the next step now that he's come out of hiding is to make an appointment at the vet and get his balls snipped. He's already sprayed parts of the house once (nothing like a pissed off cat, I'll tell ya). Fortunately it looks like everything he sprayed can easily be removed from the house (a cloth we had over a doorway to keep heat in during the winter, a cat bed) I am hoping I am not wrong about this.

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