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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday morning I awoke to cat piss smell, courtesy of a very angry and freaked out new cat. Eugene came down a couple of hours after I got up (I am an early riser, he is not) and got a whiff of the cat stink and kind of freaked out. I don't blame him, it's nasty stuff. Than Eugene let in the dogs and Nate had gotten into it with a skunk (who I suspect was raiding what Nate thinks of as "His" compost piles). The skunk odor easily trumped cat piss stink.

Nate was put back outside and in the afternoon when it got warm I made a concoction of water, dog shampoo, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and gave Nate a bath (he also had rolled in cow shit a few days ago so had that going for him too). Removed a lot of dirt and all the skunk and cow pie stench and things were better with him-he was a dirty, dirty dog.

Came in the house and realized a lot of the cat piss odor was on a cloth hanging in a door way so removed that and most of the stink magically disappeared.

If you are keeping track it is skunks 2 Nate 0 so far this year.

Animals, they add so much to our lives

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