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Sunday, June 08, 2008


Hey all you organic farming/gardening forum aficionados there is a new food and farm forum on the web The OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association) On-line Community. This has been around for about a month and is a nice forum for being so young. Already lots of good information and you can also check out OEFFA's main website as well and maybe even join up (I have been a member off and on -more on than off-for 15 years or so). This forum is open to all who have a stake in food. that would include farmers, gardeners and eaters-basically everyone.


Elizabeth said...

i've been surfing for a while and somehow found you! CAn't remember how - I think we both like the same book? poisonwood bible maybe?

Anyway so glad I stopped in - I am going to check out the OEFFA. i live in PA - hope I am still welcome?

if you are curious - I also have a blog - on re-learning to garden in suburban philadelphia...

Ex Rower said...

I bought The Contrary Farmer off of your Amazon link and I have to say it is a great book. I'm really glad I'm reading it now instead of later.

Mike in Dayton