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Monday, June 09, 2008

Storca (AKA Stewie the Cat)

Stewie the cat is now storca the cat. Storca is a combination of Stewie and Orca. We tried to change his name to Orca but we kept using either Stewie or Storca. So it looks like the kitty will be called Storca. He doesn't seem to respond to either so I guess, to him, it makes no difference.

The last time I wrote about Storca he was angry at us for removing him from his home and than removing his testicles. He hid for about 10 days than started appearing to us but never letting us get close. Than about 2 or 3 weeks ago he decided he had had enough isolation and let me touch him and pretty much melted when I started petting him. It turns out he is a real lover of a cat and enjoys having his body rubbed. He's one of those rare cats who loves his belly rubbed. My dad would have like this cat as he always like cats who like to have their bellies rubbed.

He's also a good hunter. He has gotten a couple of mice and this morning he had a young snake that was about 18" long. I took the snake from him, I hope before he killed it. The snake was not stiff and seemed to move a bit in my hand and it's eyes were not clouded with death. I put it under a tarp on one of the compost piles to warm up, heal and hopefully not be molested by the cat again. We love our snakes here at Boulder Belt Eco-Farm.

We have reintroduced him to the house and he has not sprayed anywhere even after being kept in all night. Trina, the other cat, is not sure what she thinks about him. She makes a big display of hissing at him and even lashing out with her clawless hands but than I see them laying together and they will also eat together so I think it's all smoke and no fire on her part. Storca is still not sure about the dogs but I think a few more days of being indoors with them and they will all be cool with one another.

He is even beginning to follow us out to the garden. Soon enough he will in all likelihood come out to distract us from our work. Shiva, a past cat, used to feel it was his job to make sure we did not work too hard out in the market garden and would get us to take numerous cat petting breaks. Shiva also was skilled at catching mice, voles and moles. This is Storca's main reason for being here is rodent control and I think, soon enough, he will be on the job out there

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