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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Basset Hound

Interesting day.

had a stray basset hound show up in the morning while we were foliar feeding some of the crops and weeding. He crossed 127 and almost got hit several times before making onto our farm, driving our dogs nuts. He was not a stranger to us as yesterday a couple of women drove up with him and asked if he were ours. They said they stopped and picked him because he was trying to cross 127 going towards us so assumed he was our dog. We told them to check out a couple of farms on Kayler Rd and they did and the dog was gone until this morning.

So the basset somehow got behind the fence with our dogs and seemed to have a whee of a time with them all morning and a good bit of the afternoon. Finally we decided he had to go and through a series of events he ended up going to the PC Humane Society shelter with a concerned woman in a black truck.

We thought that would be the end of it until around 6pm the dog's owner shows up looking for her basset. We told her he was at the no kill shelter. She was not happy about that. But we told her we did not know where he lived, that this was the second day he had visited us and perhaps she should confine the animal. She told us Willie (we now have a name) was a rescue (we could see he had been badly treated recently) and she felt bad about chaining him up as that is how he had been treated. But if she does not tie Willie up or put him in a kennel he will continue to follow her out her driveway and get on the highway and will likely get hit. or live with us part time, something we do not want as we really don't want to deal with training another dog to be a Boulder Belt dog right now. Or at least Eugene doesn't as he seems to think 3 dogs is more than enough (he is forgetting how much protection those dogs give us and the garden against all sorts of critters and the fact we have two old dogs that will not be around for much longer and they will do a lot to help train a youngster). Me I could easily have a couple more dogs, though I think I would like at least one to be on the small side.

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Jeremyinc said...

Maybe he was just looking for some friends to play with! You should bring your dogs over for a play date some time :D I breed Basset Hound Puppies in Ontario and the adults love attention. They are very affectionate