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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eugene Finds Truffles

Who woulda thought we would find truffles near a shag bark hickory tree in a potato bed. But we did.

We are not 100% they are truffles but from looking through the mushroom book we have and checking several places on line plus looking at a lot of images on google they really can't be anything else.

And they smell. A very strong moldy earthy smell like a cabin in the woods stuffed with woolen items that has been shut up for a long time. Not exactly pleasant. But they may well be interesting to eat. But what if they are the one yet to be discovered poisonous truffle. The evil anti-truffle if you will. if that is the case than we would get very sick or even dead from eating the truffles.

Yeah, Mushrooms can be scary if you are not 100% sure what you have.

So we have a mystery. These could be the rare and valuable Oregon White Truffle or not. Need to do some more research.

Here is what they look like
Not rocks, truffles!

This one is cut open. the inside spores are brown and may be mottled. the fungus itself is less than a cm across. these are not big truffles by any means.


Nickolas B. Solish said...

Sure looks like it. Here is a google image search for white truffles.

Pupienus Maximus said...

Oregon truffle hunter chiming in here. Looks like truffles to me. But, I doubt they'd be "Oregon white truffles." Ohio white truffles, perhaps.

Betty said...

That is so cool! Europeans eat your hearts out.

Anonymous said...

i suggest you purchase the book Field guide to North American Truffles by Trappe. you will be able to identify it. FYI truffles are often found in association with hickory trees. Tennesse Truffles planted hickories innoculated with Black Truffle spores

Unknown said...

While pulling weeds and digging up the earth around my River Birch this afternoon, I found what looks like two white truffles. I'm not 100% sure, but from all the photos I've seen I'll bet they are. Also find wild morell mushrooms in my flower garden on the lower level of the patio.

Blaine said...

Hi! Did you ever ID this guy? I'm from Ohio too and am curious.