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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Glow Egg


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Making Tomato Sauce

Ready to make sauce. I have the Victorio put together, a bowl to catch the sauce and a container to catch the tomato waste

Close up

Another angle. This shows the compost bucket i keep below the VIctorio as it will start dripping and i need somewhere to put the skins and seeds

Sauce filling the bowl and waste is going into the side container

The tomatoes, most are Amish paste but about 10% are various blacks, pinks and other reds

I am running the waste through as the crushed maters still have a lot of juice left in them

Second run through, notice how much less volume (and mass) there is?

the sauce in the bowl is how much i got out of the waste on the second run through and the stuff in the hopper is all that is left on the 3rd run through. 

A lot fewer maters

and the pot is filling up

When I got done, the tomato juice was about 1" from the rim of the pot (5 gallon). I will cook this juice down for at least ten hours and than can it into quart jars processed in a hot water bath for a half hour. I should get 10 quarts from the approx. bushel of tomatoes I processed.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boulder Belt Goes to the Farmers Market

We went to the Oxford Uptown Farmers Market this morning but we went as shoppers, not as growers. Though the reason for being in Oxford was to deliver a lot of produce to MOON Co-op so we were there on farm business. Just not at the farmers market.

We had fun an bought a lot of stuff there. It was busy and it looked like just about all the stalls were filled
Produce going to MOON Co-op, our reason for going to Oxford

Josh (in the green) has an interest of working on our farm and is talking to Eugene about this

Eugene talking to marvin and Norma, we used to set up across from them and i went to High School with their kids

Eugene and Marge. She's one of the market's biggest supporters and one of our favorite people she insisted we eat some the bread pudding in the foreground. It is from Ghysling and incredible-the bread is croissants

Debra Bowles owner of artistry farm. She has THE BEST goats milk soap ever. it is rustic and keeps your skin soft as a baby's bottom

I bought 4 bars and a bottle of her shampoo for $20

Mel Bussey,  Owner of Training tracks Canine Learning Station with a dog she's socializing.  Mel works with farmers market patrons and their dogs so that now that dogs are allowed back at this market they are good market citizens

Eugene is asking the dog (who's name i cannot remember;  begins with a K...) to look at the camera


did not


Mr Ross, at market on his day off

Market beginning to close up

shelters coming down

tools and instruments are put away

Bye Bye