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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Making Pickle Relish

whole cucumber. I used Armenian cukes because that is what I had
Cut in half

Remove the seeds
cut into chunks and put in the food processor (or cut finely by hand)

The result

Add salt to bring out the water and let sit for at least an hour

The other ingredients-sweet onion, red onion, green peppers, ripe (yellow and red in this case) and garlic

Like the cukes put through a food processor or chop very fine by hand
this has been salted and is sitting and waiting for as much liquid as possible to be expressed

after sitting for an hour I pressed out the excess liquid in this colander
The brine-salt, sugar (no more than a cup) vinegar and pickling spices

washing jars

Jars being loaded into the canner to be boiled/sterilized

Finished product