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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Putting in a Bed of Cabbage

Cabbage seedling hardening off in a cold frame

Here they are in a hoophouse where we quickly put them due to a thunder shower that postponed planting them for an hour
The flat of cabbage seedlings ready to transplant

Eugene is raking the bed after tilling it a final time

Bringing in bricks to weigh down the row cover that will go over the plants after they are in the ground

Adding phostrell and a general fertilizer

cabbage seedlings ready to go in the prepared holes

But before the seedlings go in the ground the fertilizers need to be mixed and the hole depth needs to be a little deeper

Eugene popping cabbage seedlings into the soil

Transplanting complete

This is of a wire hoop in the fore ground. The rocks are what we use to keep the row covers down. We do 6 to 7 hoops per 50' and need 14 to 16 rocks to keep the covers in place. We have all these things in place before we plant the seedlings so they go on ASAP after the transplanting is done.
Laying out a piece of row cover. We buy 1000'rolls and cut what we need and than reuse it as long as possible. This cover is on its' second use

All done.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013