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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Farm Sex Wins

I'm looking at the search terms people are using to find this blog today. farm sex wins with 3 searches and there are another 15 searches along the same lines (sex farmer, farmer sexs, farm sex blog, farm sex form, sex eaton oh, farm hours sex, blog farm sex, farmsex & sex farm).

St Alphonso's came in a close second with 17 searches.

Boulder Belt came in a distant 3rd with 6 searches, a couple of those linking us with Boulder, Colorado (we are still happily in Ohio)


valereee said...

Lucy, now that you've got farm sex mentioned so many times in your posts, you'll probably get even more hits from the terms! :D

Dani said...

How do you look at search terms that people are using to find your blog?