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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Farm Store and Better Built Barns

I have not written much about the fact we are about a month from opening up our farm store. The plan is to sell our homegrown produce plus that of other local growers. I have been getting the word out that we need a sweet corn grower and this morning I got an email from a farmer about 15 miles NE of us that he has 78 OEFFA certified organic acres and needs a market for his sweet corn (as well as spinach, beets and green beans). I was hoping for, but not expecting, certified organic sweet corn to sell this summer. Looks like I will get my wish. If things turn out as planned we will have a place for local growers to successfully sell their food and crafts to the public. if there is one thing that the local farmers need is more outlets for local sales

At any rate, we are planning to get this store open in about 3 weeks (mid May). I don't believe we will have a great deal at first since we were not able to start serious planting until the beginning of this month. Normally we will have things ready to go by mid April but since we had to open up new ground and move and all the other things that one needs to do to start a new farm we had to give up on the fall and winter planting plans (but we will be ready to do this for 2006/7).

One thing we will have (we have it right now!) is yard barns. We have become sales agents for the Better Built Barn corporation. This guy named Rick came out a few weeks ago and asked if we would be interested in allowing him to put several barns on our land and we would get 10% of every sale made here. Since we did not have to invest a single penny and will get three sheds to put farmers that want to set up and sell on our property, we said sure. Yesterday 3 of the show barns arrived and sometime in the next week the rest will be put in place. Now all we need are a few interested parties to come by and buy one

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