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Saturday, April 08, 2006

How to Punish Drug Users: Poison Them!

I found this on Tom Harper's blog Who Hijacked My Country (a blog I discovered using Blog Explosion) This is a left of center political blog that has a lot of good ideas and news (well if you are a lefty). this is about the most dangerous idea the US House of representatives has had yet. As you surely know by now I am not an herbicide user and the biological agent proposed in this article is almost too scary for words. They want to spread a mold based herbicide that will kill anything it touches (including amimals such as humans), does not leave the soil for decades, rendering the soil unusable for farming food crops and it spreads beyond the area where it was sprayed. I thought chemical herbicides were bad but now they have created a true monster and if recent history is any indicator the GOP in the US house of reps likely will seriously try and pass a bill through allowing the use of this dangerous material.

If you want to take action simply click on the "Click here" link in the article and it will take you to a site where you can contact your US Reps.

How to Punish Drug Users: Poison Them!
by Tom Harper

The House of Representatives has decided that the best way to prevent drug use is to poison the crops. That’ll teach those lowly drug users a lesson. And for good measure let's poison everyone else in the community as well.

The House wants to authorize research into an herbicide that’s so dangerous, some governments have stockpiled it as a weapon. Even John Walters — our gung ho Drug Czar — is against using this herbicide because of the hazards.

The herbicide is a toxic, mold-like fungus which kills crops. These fungi — called mycoherbicides — have been heavily researched for the past thirty years. Practically everyone has agreed that this is not an option for controlling coca leaves or opium poppies. That is, everyone except for our House of Nazis Representatives.

These herbicides attack neighboring crops and orchards as well as the “drug” crops that are being targeted. They cause severe symptoms in any people or animals that come in contact with them. They also contaminate the soil so that nothing else will grow there.

Our government is ready to conduct “field studies” in Columbia and Afghanistan. Some governments might interpret this kind of “field study” as an act of war.

The Senate hasn’t yet voted on this bill. If you think this is the sickest wackiest law you’ve ever heard of, please tell your senators. Click here to e-mail your senators and ask them to vote AGAINST this madness.

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Marlin Burkholder said...

Dear Lucy,
I thank you for your help and encouragement for me to set up my blog at I have recently added to my blog and posted more pictures which give a little better idea about my farm. I plan to use it primarily as an e-newsletter for my CSA. I am still not sure how to set up things like I would like to like posting multiple pics with captions relevant to each one and a pic of YT that stays with my profile.

I do not agree completely with your politics but let's not make that a point of contention. Suffice it to say that I am neither a political conservative nor a liberal and I regard those who take either position often quilty of the same faults of judgement.

Marlin Burkholdder