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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Comair Flight 5191

Comair flight 5191 out of bluegrass Airport in Lexington, KY crashed around 6am this morning killing 49 people, 4 crew and 45 passengers. Full flight.

The plane reportedly crashed 1 mile west of the airport on a farm than exploded according to witnesses.

The Fayette county Coroner reported all burned to death and the scene was the worst he had ever seen. He was concerned about the first responders as they apparently encountered the plane engulfed in flames and the people still alive.

There is one survivor in critical condition in a Lexington hospital. Burned over 80% of his body. It may be the pilot of co-pilot according to unconfirmed reports.

I am watching the live news feed from Lexington that has preempted local programing because Cincinnati is where Comair is based and local enough to Lexington to be a major story. I get Cincy stations.

Raw news is a rare commodity these days. Most news is sanitized for our protection.

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