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Saturday, January 06, 2007

This Mornings' Events

A shot of the Boulder Belt sign with the skid marks that look like the truck missed the sign. It did not. At least this is fixable

We have had an eventful day. It all started before dawn around 5:45am when Eugene and I were awoken by a loud noise that sounded like a vehicle had crashed. We looked out all the upstairs windows but failed to see anything. Perhaps because it was pitch black, perhaps because all the windows were fogged up (old double hung with pitiful leaky storms on them). Whatever it was, we could see nothing so we both crept back under the warm womb like covers and tried to go back to sleep.

I could not go back to sleep so I got up and went downstairs and started on the dishes. I heard the dogs start barking and noticed that a cop had pulled up on our side of the road with his lights on. So obviously we had heard a wreck but I still could see nothing except the blue and red lights flashing in a festive manner (the irony of emergency vehicle lights, they are festive looking but rarely do they mean anything but trouble of some sort). Deputy Muncy got out of his car and started walking around with a flashlight and than I saw a whitish truck about where our yellow sign used to be. So I yelled upstairs that there was a cop on our property and there also was a truck facing sideways on our property.

Eugene got up and dressed and we had a small argument about whether or no the truck came off of Kayler Road, jumped 127 and landed on our property in what is at the moment a small lake (we have had a lot of rain the past couple of days). He thought that was the case and I thought he was north bound on 127 and slid into the grass and likely took out our yellow sign. So he went out to check things out and talk to the deputy and the driver. Turns out I was more right than Eugene. the truck was north bound on 127 . He got up to the top of the hill/curve at the 40' Pitch and lost control and went into a power slide and hit the side of our permanent white sign and took out a post (but missed the two small boulders that were no more than 24" to the west of the truck) and than broadsided the movable yellow sign and demolished it. It is now a tangled mess of yellow plastic, plastic stripping and iron with plastic letters distributed all over the yard. The good news is no one was hurt, just signs and trucks were damaged along with sod.

This is not the sign it once was. No fixing this one

Now we are waiting on his insurance people to get out here and look at the damage. We figure they will either show up after we have left for the Epiphany party/Christmas tree burning and drinking of beer fest we have been invited to this evening or some time Monday. Until they show up we cannot remove the heap o' sign

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Chandira said...

Glad nobody was hurt!