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Monday, July 16, 2007

Feline Woes

We still have had virtually no rain.

Navin, my oldest cat is sick with something stuck in his trachea. He has been wheezing and retching as if he has a hairball from Hell stuck down there. He has been to the vet once and is going back this morning for X-rays and probably an extraction of whatever is stuck in his throat (a feather? a Bone?). This whole cat affair has been extremely worrisome to me as I have had Navin since he was 4 weeks old and we are tightly bonded. I also has been hard to sleep with the cat sitting next to me on the bed wheezing and hacking all night. At least this is not likely to be fatal (he does have to be anethesized and there is some risk in that with a 15 year old feline, no matter how healthy the cat is) like Feline Leukemia or FIP would be. I am hoping they find the problem quickly and remove it so in a day or two Navin is back to his old, non wheezing ornery self.

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