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Monday, July 28, 2008

The New Packing Shed

Putting the uprights on the concrete footers

Just about ready to put the decking on

Eugene and Mark putting last bit of decking on the porch.

Mark nailing the roof onto the structure

The finished product

Last week we took a space that was being used to "store" trash metal and turned it into a useful and beautiful packing shed/wash porch by Thursday. I was hoping to post several pictures of the construction but I did not realize that I did not have the memory card in my camera and the images are now stuck in the camera's memory because I cannot find the proper USB cable to hook the thing into my computer and get everything off of the camera's memory (which is now full so I wonder what else is on there?).

At the 127 yard sale I found the cable I needed to download the picture that were in the camera and as you can see I have now posted them. The 7 or so pictures I took of this construction filled up the camera's memory. Good thing they make memory cards.

Building this thing was really stressful and quite expensive (around $1600 for lumber, nails, concrete, metal roofing) Our friend Mark had quoted us about half that price for materials as he was going by 2007 prices and did not realize the price of everything has gone up 100% to 400% in the past 6 months.

Fortunately, we are have a great growing and marketing year so can afford the more expensive materials and this will allow us to to do more work more easily. I made good use of it Friday and it works well and makes me feel good just to look at it.


OhioMom said...

Cool shed! BTW, love the header pic :)

4S1LB said...

That Mark sounds like a real "RockHead"!