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Sunday, August 03, 2008

127 Yard Sale This Coming Weekend

The World's Longest yard sale is coming up this week, starting Thursday morning at 8am.

Looks like it should be a good one. Gas prices are falling, the weather is forecast to be cool and partly cloudy and we have a nice collection of vendors coming in this year. Once again we will have Jule's knives. She will have the usual knives, hawks and other such items as well as antique tools and other items. new this year is Adam's Rib BBQ. They will be selling great BBQ and drinks Thursday, Friday and Saturday from mid morning on (I have suggested they do coffee and donuts in the morning-who knows maybe they will). Yesterday a man named John who sets up near us at the Saturday and Tuesday farmers markets said he would like to set up at least Thursday, Friday and Sunday (and Saturday too if sales are good). He has very nice and inexpensive (many under $15) necklaces made from metal and stone. Some friends from Indiana say they will be here with largish yard sale items such as couches and futons and likely a lot of other junque. We will have produce and a wide variety of chattels; including a Hammond organ, lamps, china, garden accouterments (these are pretty copper wire and glass marble fancies in the shape of hummingbirds, bees and dragonflies), a St Joseph statue for those needing to sell a house, retro electronic things like tape decks, VCR's, receivers, etc., old computer stuff (printers, a broken iMac) for parts, toiletries, rolling papers by the bunch (we buy tobacco in bulk and get 2 packs per can that we never use. Over the years the supply builds up), glassware, old records (like 78's from the 1930's and newer (than the 1930's) LP's), tools, ceramic tiles, paint, outdoor light fixtures, kitchen items and much, much more.

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Carolyn said...

Good Luck with your Garage Sale.