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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Karmic Meat

Yesterday being Saturday meant we packed up our stuff and went to Oxford bright and early in the morning to do the Uptown farmers market. the market went well. The forecasted rain did not happen, though by 11am a stiff breeze had come up and was messing with everyone's umbrellas and shelters (we tie ours to the van so it won't go anywhere) and was blowing light weight stuff off of our tables.

At noon the market ended and we packed up all the items that had not sold and we got into the van and headed home. got about 4 miles outside of Oxford when we saw a grey van with a flat Tire. Eugene and I did not recognize the van at first but he still asked as we passed by, "should we stop and help" and Than we both saw Seth Filbrun crawling under the van in the rear view mirrors and immediately stopped and backed up.

Seth Filbrun is the youngest son of Dale and Evelyn Filbrun, German baptists folks that got into organics the same year we did. They have a medium sized certified organic grain and livestock farm and when we have chickens we buy our feed from them as well as hay, straw and organic inputs such as green sand, rock phosphate, etc.. We have known Seth nearly his entire life-he was still in diapers and not yet walking when we first met him and we have watched him grow up into a fine young man (he's about 15 now)

So here's Seth under the van trying to get his jack to lift up the vehicle so he can get the blown tire off and the spare on. He had a bad jack and things were not working for him. So Eugene gets out and asked if he needed any help and Seth gratefully said yes. So for 10 minutes the two of them fool around with jacks, boards and eventually get the van jacked up enough to get one tire off and the spare on. Seth tells Eugene that he and his sister Stacy (who is driving) has to be home no later than 1pm and that we have saved him at least a half hour. Than he turns to me and says go in the back of the van and take what you want out of the cooler closest to the door. he says he's not asking me but telling me to go get some meat. So I take some bulk sausage and Italian sausages. He tells me that is not enough and to grab some bacon as well so I do. Soon all of us are on the road going home to our farms.

I don't know if the kids got home by 1pm but at least they have a good excuse for being a bit late. I do know we did a good deed and did it cheerfully and got Karmic meat in the process

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