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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Boulder Belt 2009 Tomato Roster

I just finished pricking the main tomato crops and here is the run down of the different varieties we plan on having this summer

Paul Robeson-a black beefsteak, name for the actor and activist Paul Robeson. I have wanted to grow this for at least 5 years and finally found seed. We got this seed from Baker Creek
Green Zebra-Green-a medium sized green mater with yellowish striping. This heirloom seems to be all the rage. We grew this about 8 years ago and stopped because of bad sales. We got this seed from Baker Creek
Glick's Pride-We have been growing this Heirloom red for about 14 years. This is one we always save seed from.
Yellow Taxi-this is the tomato we have been saving seed from the longest. It is also our earliest tomato. A nice medium to small bright yellow mater with a pink heart when fully ripe.
Yellow Pear-This was almost a failure. 50% of the seed did not germinate and I was able to prick 7 into large soil blocks. This means if we are lucky 5 will be alive when it is time to transplant them. We grew these from saved seed
Black Krim-Another black tomato. I believe this was the first heirloom tomato I ever tasted. back in the early 1990's when I worked at DiPaolo's these started appearing in the kitchen for a few months than disappeared and I thought no more about heirloom tomatoes until I moved to the farm. These are a medium sized black mater that hails from the former Soviet Union. We grew these from saved seed.
Nyagaous-Yet another black mater. Originally got the seed from Seed savers Exchange 2 or 3 years ago. A small black round tomato that almost never cracks. very good flavor. We grew these from saved seed.
Crinkovich-A pink Beefsteak from Yugoslavia, IIRC. Like the Nayagaous these originally came from SSE and we have been saving them the past couple of years. This has great flavor though the fruits tend toward ugliness
Costoluto Florentine-an Italian red tomato that is beautiful and delicious. The fruits are medium sized, flat and fluted. About the best tasting red I have ever eaten. Seeds are from an outfit called Gourmet seeds. This is an heirloom and I will save seed this season as I used the last of the commercial stock.
Opalka-A great sauce tomato I believe from Poland. The fruits are oblong and can be up to a 1/2 pound. The flavor is very good raw and excellent when cooked into a sauce. they tend to get blossom end rot and can be low yielding but the flavor keeps us planting them year after year. they also will cross with other tomatoes pretty readily.
BB Striped-A cross between Opalka and pink Brandywine. This is one of our own varieties we have bred here at Boulder Belt. Years ago we planted what we thought were Opalka. When the plants started to bear fruit what we had was not Opalka but a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes of tomatoes. So I selected striped fruit and saved seed and replanted the following year. The second year we planted and the plants came up and this time about 45% were striped. I again selected striped fruits and saved seed and did this over and over again until about 90% of the plants were bearing striped fruit. I am hoping this year it is almost 100% striped fruit. At any rate, this mater is a blocky fruit, a lot like the German Johnson but with better flavor (we grew GJ 2 years ago and found BB Striped out produced it and had better overall quality)
Matina-This is the best saladette sized red tomato I have ever eaten. I was disappointed that scant few of the seeds came up but that's okay because we have an early crop of these in a hoop house. we grew these from saved seed
Cherrywine-another Boulder belt original. A cross between )we think) Pink Brandywine and Sunsugar cherry tomato. dark pink cherry tomatoes with a great flavor. prolific fruiting with little cracking
Green Pear-this seed comes from a sport we found last year in with the yellow pear. I cannot figure out what the yellow pear crossed with, not a green tomato because until last season we had not grown any green tomatoes in about 4 years. In another 7 years or so we should know if this is a viable variety.
Green grape-I thought this was an ancient heirloom but Carolyn Male corrected me and said this was developed in the 1980. This is a large cherry tomato that ripens to a mottled yellowish green. flavor is A-1. We grew this from seed we saved.
Dr Wyche's yellow-This is one of our all time favorite tomatoes. Huge orange/yellow beefsteak tomatoes with excellent flavor. We originally got the seeds fron SSE as a replacement for Russian persimmon and found the two to be almost identical except that Dr Wyche's was about a week earlier and did not catface or crack as badly. So we eventually abandoned the Persimmon for Dr Wyche's Yellow.
Sun Ray-Our Friend Wyatt Jones gave us several sun Ray plants 3 years ago. We saved seed and planted them last year and really loved this mater. Nice big, smooth, sunny yellow fruits with great flavor.
Early Girl-I was told this was a hybrid but I have grown this out successfully for the past 2 years from saved seed. Nice red round mater with really nice flavor for an early tomato
Amish paste-Several years ago our Opalka seed got too messed up with foreign genetics and we could not find pure seed. So we decided to try Amish paste as out canning tomato and I gotta say, while I love Opalka, this is better. Great taste, heavy Yields, very little blossom end rot. We grew this out from saved seed.
Red Grape-I believe this is seed from the hybrid Santa and we get all sorts of wierdnesses from each seasons' planting. Frankly I don't know why Eugene keeps saving seed from this. Nor why I continue to start these seeds. if they come at all true to type they will be small red and oblong with so so taste.
Sunsugar-one of the few hybrids we grow because these are the best cherry tomato ever! Nice round orange fruit that is sweet and tangy. Seed comes from Fedco Seeds
Red Saladette-another homebred. These come from the red grape tomatoes, I believe. Smallish round red or pink tomatoes with really nice flavor.

That's the Boulder Belt 2009 Tomato roster

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