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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ohio 127 Yard Sale

I got an email in my in-box the other day inquiring about the 127 yard sale. This woman wondered if it was worth traveling the Ohio section of the route. She could find nothing on the web about Ohio and where the hot spots are. Not even the site had anything on it. This surprised me as they had some information last year.

So I sent her this reply:

I can give a rough run down of the 127 sale in Preble , Darke and Mercer Counties. Okay, going north from the Butler County in Preble County there is very little until you hit Camden which has a big sale, 30 or so vendors. Than there is not much until you get to Eaton which has family run sales around town. You get to us a mile north of town. We will have 3 or 4 vendors (maybe more) including incredible BBQ so make plans to stop for lunch or dinner (before 6pm as that is when the BBQ folks leave and they never set up on Sundays) And bathroom facilities (most places do not and this can be a problem for salers). Than there are sporadic sales going north into Darke County. The VFW in West Manchester usually has a good group of sellers and than not much until you get north of Greenville and hit North Star (home of Annie Oakley). About 3 miles west of there is Eldora raceway which had around 150 vendors last year and I heard from many yard salers it was worth getting off of 127 to go check out. 6 miles south of Celina (Mercer County) is Niekamps-last year they had over 100 vendors.

I have no idea what will be the state of things in west central Ohio this year. I know we are selling Thursday through Saturday 8am til 7pm or so. We are planning on having the BBQ folks back as well as Jules the knife lady. There may be a couple of other vendors as well, but no confirmations yet. Though Boulder belt has no plans to be really open on Sunday August 9th, the knife people do plan on it. So there will be a reason stop if you are traveling by us on Sunday

If you are looking for a place to set up we have spaces for rent. $10 a day for a ten foot wide space and you get Sunday for free


Unknown said...

We usually set up as a vendor in Tenn., but this year we're setting up along with other vendors in Seven Mile just North of Hamilton, Ohio. We have a very large varity of Antique glassware and Pottery plus hardware, furniture and much more. Come and shop Ohio this year also.Look for our signs. Lets all have fun.
Mr Glassman

Lucy said...

Good to know.