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Saturday, January 02, 2010


This is a porterhouse we had for Christmas Dinner. It was from a grass fed cow raised withing 50 miles of our farm and smothered in lots of our hard necked garlic. Now this is beef!

If you ever needed another reason to eat grass fed (and locally raised) beef and quit eating at fast food places and buying the factory farmed beef at the grocery here it is Yummy!-Ammonia-treated-pink-slime-now-in-most-U.S.-ground-beef

This is the dairy herd at Double J farm, near Middletown, OH where we buy our milk and quite a bit of our beef. this is how cattle should live. This was taken late November 2009

I have been buying grass fed beef for years and it is well worth the cost.

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The Local Cook said...

Uh yeah, thanks for the link -- I think ;-)

I do prefer grassfed beef, although I know that not everyone can afford it. We just eat a lot less meat, especially since DH didn't get a deer this year :-(