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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Camera Troubles

I have been without a camera for almost a month. Actually, I think it is exactly a month today that the camera went dark. That is literally what it did-it came on, the LED screen opened with a happy Olympus logo blue screen and than black. So obviously, some part that likely costs $300 (about 10x what the camera is worth-if it is working order) has died leaving me with no comera.

I did venture into a BestBuy to look at SLR cameras and went away with no camera and the decision that a cheapo point and shoot is best for me.

The SLR cameras are expensive, require even more expensive lenses and also require expensive batteries. The Canon Rebel I looked at (I don't remember what model it was, there seem to be 3 or 4 different models) needed a battery that cost almost $100 and it was not rechargeable. The other SLR's needed slightly cheaper (and usually rechargeable) batteries but I would still have to shell out over $50 per battery and I would need at minimum 2 or them as I take a lot of photos and video and go through batteries at a fairly rapid clip.

So after looking at several SLRs I noticed that all of them need an additional macro lens (costly and bulky) if one wants to take rally close up shots of things. Since about 1/3 of all my pictures are of small subjects such as insects, flower parts, tiny mosses and other subjects that scream out to be shot in macro mode AND all point and shoot digital cameras come with a macro lens built right into the camera I decided that the point and shoot digital is my camera of choice.

So I ordered a point and shoot via a website, My Survey , where I have been taking and submitting consumer surveys for many many years (well over a decade) and I have built up tens of thousands of points. So on Nov 1 I ordered a Fugifilm 14 mp Point and shoot camera and in the next 2 to 5 weeks it will be delivered to my door.

In the mean time I am missing a lot of great photo ops but Once I get that camera and figure out how to use it I will get back on that photo horse and ride hard.

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Danielle Combs said...

I have a Rebel, and I WISH I had a point and shoot...I do NOT like dragging out my camera, switching lenses, etc. to try and capture a shot. Bleh! I FINALLY got a new phone with a decent enough camera for those random shots. Enjoy your new camera! :)