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Friday, January 05, 2007

Say No to Burpee Seeds

I just found out that Monsanto bought out Burpee seeds as of Jan 1 of this year. Monsanto, it seems, is attempting to buy out all the seed companies in the world and that is bad because those who control the seed sources control about everything else.

I hope Monsanto does not do stupid things like drop most of the seed varieties it now owns (which is likely) or turn many of these veggie and fruit seeds into GMO (again this is very very likely).

Until a few minutes ago I was allowing Burpee ads to appear on my AdSense ads. That will no longer happen as I will not knowingly allow any Monsanto owned companies to advertise on this blog because as far as I am concerned Monsanto is an evil multinational corp that has brought no good to the planet as well as having a proven track record of being against organic farming and smal diversified farms


Chandira said...

Oh, that does suck, I just discovered Burpee, and put in a huge order a few months back.
Do you have another alternative that you know of? I'd like not to give my $'s to Monsanto.

Harry said...

This information is false, Burpee is NOT owned by Monsanto nor has it ever been. Burpee remains an independent privately owned seed and plant purveyor with a proud 131 year history of fulfilling the needs of home gardners across America

Angela said...

The rumor is one I followed up on as a member of the press with a phone call directly to Seminis. See my article:

There is a link in the article to see some of the food Seminis has as well as a link to the full list of distrubutors of Seminis products.

Angela <><

Lucy said...

Than I stand corrected. I found here ( that G. Ball had sold Burpee to Seminis in 1991.

Chandira I buy most of my seeds from fedco and I also like seed savers exchange and Baker Creek seeds

None of these places sells seeds from Seminis/Monsanto

Scott G said...

I just read Lucy's link, but Burpee's website says it's owned by George Ball Jr, but also says that Ball is an employee of Seminis. Although Burpee isn't owned by Seminis/Monsanto, it's interesting that a Seminis/Monsanto employee owns Burpee. I still believe you can purchase non-GMO seeds from Burpee if you purchase the organic seeds.


Anonymous said...

i bought from burpee a month ago and never will buy again.

Lucy said...

Personally I do not like Rareseeds/Baker Creek any longer. I have gotten a lot of off types and had germination problems. The cushaw squash we grew from their seeds was the worst. It was more gourd than squash which is a shame as I was looking forward to eating some great cushaws and selling even more but instead we took a loss and ate some really nasty squash.

Fedco and Johnny's are my favorite places to get seeds. Both will not sell GMO's and both are worker owned co-ops. Seed Savers fired their founder and now Amy Goldman runs the show and I cannot trust her as her father is the Goldman of Goldman Sachs and the apple never falls too far from the tree

Anonymous said...

I am new to this forum and would like to ask a question that anyone and everyone can feel free to comment on-and, I hope you do.

I just placed a huge order at Boulder Creek and then I read the posts here. I am wondering if anyone has been successful with their seeds, and if I get an answer soon enough, and it's not good, perhpas I will be able to save alot of money by cancelling.

I commented before, but can't seem to get my comment to post. Help!
Thanks so much. FamilyTree