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Monday, September 17, 2007


Last night I roasted peppers for dinner (also had a chicken we raised and grilled eggplants and pattypan squash). I put a couple of marconis, a Giant Chinese pepper, several Hungarian Hot wax and some red ripe Jalapenos in order to make chipoltle peppers (I think these need to be dried after roasting to be true chipoltles, I did not get that far with them). Long story short Eugene and i were eating our dinner and he asked "have you eaten one of the roasted jalapenos yet? I had just taken a small bite and it lit me up. roasting increases the heat factor...a lot. Those puppies where almost as hot as a habanero pepper. Yikes!

I was on fire for a good 15 minutes and could not eat. I stupidly drank water which made matter worse. I think today I will roast and freeze more Jalapenos as these would be good in chili sauce, curries and other hot dishes this winter.


angie said...

Hi Lucy. I lost you for a while when you changed your url, glad to have found you again. I love your blog.


winedeb said...

I miss all of your good veggies but I do not miss your hot peppers! Why? Because we grow them here! Oh boy, we do grow chili peppers here. They love the hot weather down here. I grow, in containers, thai, cayenne, jalapenos and have had habenero. The staple in my kitchen is the cayenne - those babies are good in just about everything! Mike even likes them in his scrambled eggs!