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Monday, September 17, 2007

We are Women Dammit

This morning I have a rant.

For several months, perhaps this has been going on for a couple of years, I have noticed that people on TeeVee have replaced the term "Woman" with the term "Female". As in, "that female over there screwed my boyfriend". This is most prevalent on the news and the afternoon shows (Judge Joe, People's Court, Maury, Jerry Springer etc.. ) Yeah I watch a lot of crap when I don't have to other things to do in the afternoons. I'm a TeeVee addict like most citizens of the USA. I'd like to say I watch only PBS (and I do watch a lot of PBS) but I can't take most of the kid shows they have in the afternoon.

I assume this is coming straight out of cop speak as in the "female perp"... which is fine for the police. But now this way of referring to Women is creeping into common language. No more than creeping, it is galloping into common usage, thanks to bad TeeVee

I hate it when the local news does a live interview and a woman, for Christ's sakes, uses the term "Female" to describe what some woman did (it could even be herself she is describing). Dammit, use the term Woman when you are talking about a woman. Are the women of this country so afraid of their womaness that they will not use the word woman? Using the term Female, to me, is neutering the whole idea of Woman (maybe spaying is a better term than neutering). We are fast losing any empowerment the feminist movement of the 1970's and 80's gave us by using this awful term to refer to our sex

We are humans, therefore we are women, not females. FYI kids, female refers to any species so you could be talking about a dog, horse, iguana, bee, slug (okay slugs are hermaphrodites), a toad, a cow, a tree, etc..

I notice men are NOT referred to as males, they still will use the term Man when referring to the male of the human species. And this is despite the cops using the term Male when referring to a suspect/perp/etc who is a man. Maybe what I am seeing is the death of feminism. I hope not but it seems that too many women out there do not appreciate being a woman and the power we women all have if we are will to find it and tap into it so the refer to themselves as females.

Women are smarter (That's right the women are smarter) and we have impressive powers. Our breasts alone contain strong powers few men can resist. Ladies, we need to tap into our powers more than we seem to be doing these days and quite referring to ourselves as females, We are Women dammit! So quit referring to you and me as Female.

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