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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Women Who Farm

Women Who Farm.

This is a forum I found because I was reading Shari's Blog, Shari's Gone Country, and there was a link to this forum. Since I love Internet forums, especially ones about small farming/organics/local foods I clicked on over and saw there were many women farmers I already knew from email lists and gardening forums in which I participate. So I registered and have become a part of this growing community of women who farm (or want to farm). If that is you check out the site.


Unknown said...

Holy smokes -- Robin resurfaces with one extremely large forum (many topics). I wish her well, too bad F&G never really took off. I didn't want to join over there just to say hi (thought it might defeat the purpose of a forum for women who farm if a guy joins), so if you think of it, please pass along my best wishes!


Shari Thomas said...

Howdy Lucy,

A great big thanks for stopping by my blog.

Good to see you at the Women Who Farm forum, too.

I remind Cindy often that she will learn more from you than from the guys at the farm she's working on... they're just rookies at organic farming.

As for me, I love gardening, but am concentrating on the animals... you know what they say about too many hands in the same soil.

Oh, and working on our new book... Four Country Gals... the story of how we all got together and moved from Ohio (and Oregon... me) to SW Utah.

It's online... just hit the link on my regular blog.