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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tomato Hell Redux

One of the compost piles we are currently building. It looks so festive with all the colorful tomatoes in and around the pile.

So now the cherry tomatoes I harvested on Thursday, that did not sell at market Saturday, are beginning to soften and split. This is bad as it attracts fruit flies who lay eggs in the slurry. It also smells bad and drips foul smelling tomato goo on the floor or ones feet. So for an hour this morning I sat in a chair in the back of the store and patiently removed good sun sugar maters into a clean crate and bad sun sugar tomatoes into a compost bucket. The result was about 1/3 were keepers.

I still have around 6 crates of big tomatoes to go through yet this afternoon. I am sure I will get 4 to 6 buckets (5 gallon sized) of tomatoes to take out to the new compost pile to go with the other 20 to 30m buckets already there.

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