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Friday, April 18, 2008


This morning at 5:36am EDT I notice the house started shaking and continued to do so for about 1.5 minutes. I thought to myself that is strange. There are no Semis going by on 127 so why is the house rattling?

When Eugene got up around 6:45am I said I had felt a strange shaking but I doubted that it was an earthquake but had no idea what it was since it definitely was not truck traffic. Than I went to one of my favorite websites-the USGS earthquake center (I am a bit of geology nerd) and there on the world map was a red square in the middle of the USA indicating that an earthquake had happened in the last hour. Clicked on the red square and saw that it had happened in SE IL at 5:36 EDT and right as I found out that information Eugene turned on the TV and the Daily Buzz said they were going to talk about it but instead went to several commercial breaks (that show used to be so good, so cutting edge. Now...not so much). So He turned to WHIO and that is all they were talking about.

I filled out the "Did you Feel It?" form at the USGS Eathquake Center. I have always wanted to do that but since earthquakes tend to be rare here in the eastern half of the USA I did not know if i ever would. I didn't have much to report other than the house shook for about 90 seconds

Turns out at 4:36 CDT there was a 5.2 tremor in West Salem IL about 300 miles west of here.
There have been 2 tiny aftershocks since than which caused the dogs, Nate and Danny to get all weird and start barking at each other and a pack of coyotes to start howling around 8am EDT all while I was out harvesting spring mix for the farmers market tomorrow.

Wow I think I just felt another tremor. House shook with no traffic at 11:17am EDT. It's now 11:25 and it has not yet shown up on the earthquake map so maybe I felt something else (or they take a while to post this stuff)

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