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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stewie Update

Okay Stewie as I mentioned sprayed the house (but i got all the smell out of everything) so he was banished to the barn. Last Monday we had a vet appointment to get his nuts neutralized. he had to be at the vet's by 9am. So at 8 am we go out to look for him in the barn. cannot find him. 8:30am comes, still cannot find the damn cat. 8:45 comes, still no Stewie. I go in the house, call the vet and cancel the appointment. they say when we catch him bring him in and they will put him in a cage and de-nut him the following day. Cool.

I, having called the vet, give up on the Stewie search and start dealing with tomato seedlings. Eugene has not given up on the Stewie search and at 8:55am catches him and crams the cat into the pet carrier. Stewie is pissed off majorly by this state of affairs.

We take cat to the vet drop him off, run some errands in Richmond, IN and go home. Call the vet and are told the cat is staying over night and we can get him the following day. This is good because we have lots of farm work to do and having to spend 45 minutes going to the vet and back home would have put a wrench into the works.

the next day we get over to the vets early afternoon, pick up the cat. Pay them money. The vets say "boy he'll be happy to get home" I say "but as far as he is concerned he is not going home". Stewie is glaring at us through the bars on the door of the pet carrier. He is not happy about anything

We take him home, put him in the barn open the door to the cage and after sitting there for a minute, gets up and slinks away. We have not seen him since. but we know he is there because he is still liberally spraying the barn. The only good I can see here is the stink will keep mice, rats and other rodents out of the barn.

I wonder if Stewie will ever warm up to us or if he is so perpetually mad at us and his situation that he will be the phantom barn cat.

The lesson is never ever get an unfixed sexually mature male cat via FreeCycyle.


Robin Follette said...

The last time we had an outdoor cat neutered he was so mad he ran away and went wild. I'd see him sitting at the edge of the woods watching me in the garden. I'm sure he was thinking, "I'd sneak up behind that bitch and knock her on her ass if I were bigger."

Lucy said...

I believe Stewie may pull the same thing. If he ever leaves the barn, that is.

He is getting fed well every day so I doubt he will ever stray too far from the groceries.