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Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's Tick Season!

One of the gajillion ticks we have so far removed from various mammalian hides this spring

It's tick season here at Boulder belt Eco-Farm. Eugene and I have spent many warm moments with the dogs removing ticks from them for the past 10 days. It got warm and the littler critters got active and hungry. We find them on the dogs and on us. Would use toxic pesticides but they do more harm than good in the long and short of it. The treatments for the dogs are not very effective and they are expensive. We have used them in the past but questioned why we, as sustainable folk, would use such products. So this season we will not use poisons made by corporations of which we do not approve and control the ticks through more natural methods.

Nate looking at the hand holding yet another tick

Today we must have pick 40 or 50 off of the dogs. Nate is a tick magnet. It is easy to pull 10 or more off of him in a single tick removal event. Danny is second in tick magnetism. We get about 10 a day from his hide. He has long fine hair so it can be difficult to remove the vermin from his coat. hard to find them, for that matter. Nate with his short coat is easy to deal with. but also easy prey for the ticks. Arlo seems to be almost repellent to them. We have found one or two on him so far this tick season.

After we remove the ticks we burn 'em with cigarettes until they are dead. Probably have prevented a gajillion eggs from being fertilized, laid and hatched into larvae. And we will kill more BWAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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