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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Setting up for the 127 yard sale

The big sale starts tomorrow and we are setting up our venues for it. This afternoon Pete Cox brought his smoker in. later Jules brought in her RV loaded with her knives, tools, beanie babies and other euphremia. We spent the morning making apple sauce and than I canned it up so we can sell jars of wonderful apple sauce at the sale (and beyond if there are leftovers). I found we have quite a bit of stuff to sell including a nintendo set (think retro here) with 6 games, lots of composite angels in prayer, lamps, tools, etc.

The weather is forecasted to be wonderful, the price of gas is going down and i believe this sale will be great this year.

I am hoping to make time to post once a day over the next 4 days.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Good luck with the sale.