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Thursday, August 07, 2008

World's Longest Yard Sale; Day 1

I did not take my camera to the yard sale today so I have no images except in my mind. But despite my lack of camera the first day of the 2008 127 yard sale was a huge success. we were missing several vendors who said they would be here. All I can say is their loss, as everyone who did show up did great business. the place was hopping from 8am until 7pm when I had my last customer, a woman from Richmond, In who wanted some arugula and corn. There were a lot of people coming through who were attempting to do the entire 800+ miles. tomorrow we will not see that because if you don't get started in either Alabama or Ohio on Thursday you will not be able to do the entire route.

The weather was just about perfect-low humidity, temps in the low 80's and dry (though it was raining just to the north of us by 5pm). lats year the temps were in the 90's and the humidity was high so by 9am everyone was dripping.

It was great having a real food vendor. It's even better that it is someone I know fairly well now and makes food I really, really like. There were a lot of people who got to our portion of the sale just after they had already eaten lunch (and probably fast food lunch at that) who got a whiff of the BBQ and said they wish they had known there was going to be food here. There were far more people who had a brisket or pulled pork sandwich and went away happy campers and there were a few who had just eaten and ordered something anyway because it smelled so darned good.

Jules sold this wooden tug boat rope guide she had been toting around for several years. Last night she vowed to toss it on a fire this weekend if it did not sell by Saturday Evening. By around noon it was being carted away by a yard saler. This happened, ironically while I was talking to a couple from Louisiana and the husband revealed he was a Mississippi tug boat captain 30 years ago just as I saw the rope guide being put in a SUV. Karmic, or something.

Now I am bone tired and need to make something for dinner and get ready for tomorrow-I ran out of fliers for the farm and have printed out another 30 and now they need to be folded and I am sure there are other things that need attention like the dogs and cats.

I vow to take my camera out to the sale tomorrow and get some nice shots to post tomorrow night.

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