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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It Rained!!

We got 2.5 inches/5.5cm of rain overnight. The weather prophets predicted a scant .1" for the total rainfall. Boy, were they wrong and I am glad we really needed the rain.

it all started at 10:15 last night when Nate got all antsy and than we heard thunder in the distance. Soon we saw flashes of lightning and the thunder got louder and louder. Nate was eager to get out and chase the barking rain away (he has not had a storm to deal with for about 2 months) and did so all night (he is one sore boy today and is taking it easy in the living room under a blanket to keep him warm). What had happened was an unexpected outflow boundary quickly formed over top of us and stretched back to the southwest. The storm was heading northeast so we stayed under this heavy rain for hours and hours before the cold front finally pushed it out of here.
Now we have a well hydrated farm and muddy conditions for harvest today.

Forecast for the next week is cool temps and more rain. That is good news for us.

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valereee said...

We got 3 inches last week. Such a relief.